Hi, I am Rob!

Hello world! I am Rob Axelsen, a Developer Advocate at Dynatrace, founder of 3 meetup groups, co-organizer of ViennaJS, speaker and creator with a passion for code and people.

Video thumbnail for Robert Axelsen's appearance at We Are Developers Congress 2018.

Video of me moderating the "Coding & Creativity in Education" panel, at We Are Developers Congress 2018.

The meetups I organize are called Free Code Camp Vienna (Austria), Vue.js Vienna and vienna.go – Vienna Go User Group, and ViennaJS. All are meetups where everyone is free to join, no matter experience level.

Thumbnail for video where Robert Axelsen is giving talk about his journey from self taught developer to job

See my talk about going from self-taught to my first developer job.

I am always open to connect, hear about opportunities, and learn how to help people even more. Please connect with me below. Until then, ROCK ON!

Robert Mundal Axelsen
Brunn am Gebirge
Email: rob@rob.ee

Developer Advocate at Dynatrace. Passionate about programming, open source and community. Founder or meetup groups freeCodeCamp Vienna, Vue.js Vienna, vienna.go (Golang) and co-organizer of ViennaJS.